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Inn Staff

Gary and Sue- Owners

Gary and Sue have been the devoted owners of Romantic RiverSong for 30 years.  They have put their lives into this Inn and have enjoyed sharing the RiverSong experience with thousands of guests.  Although they entrust most day to day operations to their passionate staff, Gary can still be found doing small projects around the property, enjoying a cup of tea on the front patio, and conversing with new and old guests alike.



As our newest Innkeeper, Jacquelyn took no time at all to settle into the relaxing way of life here at Romantic RiverSong.  She enjoys helping with breakfasts, checking in new guests, and the wide variety of projects she gets to be a part of.  She  enjoys living at the Inn with her dog Remington, and they spend every spare second they can exploring these beautiful mountains.



Blanca is Romantic RiverSong's Veteran of 14 years.  She is office and operations manager, as well as Head Cook, Innkeeper, Server, and Trainer... We love her and her delicious cookies!!!


Pepe, Blanca's loving partner in crime, has been helping out around the Inn for 14 years and within the last few years has joined us as our head housekeeper and grounds person.  He can often be found sweeping the front porch on a brisk fall morning, and tidying the rooms in the afternoon.


Penelope is a jack of all trades here at Romantic RiverSong, from purchasing our supplies, to cleaning rooms, to serving breakfast.  Originally from the north east coast, she is full of adventurous spirit, enjoys living in these beautiful mountains, the quiet small town life, and the many new opportunities to hike here in Estes Park.

Future Innkeepers to come

Romantic RiverSong is always looking for new Innkeepers and team members. Working at a Bed and Breakfast offers a beautiful lifestyle for those who are willing to work hard at a variety of tasks; everything from making breakfast to splitting firewood! Gary and Sue have trained up-and-coming Innkeepers throughout the years and always enjoy passing on their wisdom to those with a passion for service and hospitality.