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Romantic RiverSong Breakfast

Our Innkeepers and cooks are delighted to serve you a full country style breakfast in the dining room every morning of your stay, included in the price of your room. Breakfast is served during a varying time range throughout which you are welcome to come in, sit down, and enjoy a beautiful breakfast. Feel free to check with your innkeeper upon arrival to confirm when breakfast is available.

Gary and Sue have always found a healthy, balanced diet to be vital to their life and young spirit. Here at Romantic RiverSong we like to start at the source with whole, unprocessed, and organic ingredients. Our Innkeepers and cooks used these ingredients to craft delicious, beautiful and balanced starter courses, entrees, and sides. To keep breakfast balanced, we like to keep breads and flour to a minimum, however whole grain or gluten free toast, paired with homemade jams and preserves, is available upon request. We also believe in the power of a colorful plate, and always strive to include vibrant fruits and vegetables to give our guests the extra boost of nutrition to go out and explore these beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Romantic RiverSong has always been on the cutting edge of health food trends, including the use of quinoa, chia seed, and flax seed. So if you have any recommendations or recipes let us know by emailing us here!

For early risers we do have a Breakfast-To-Go option.  Or enjoy the breakfast delivered right to your door for an additional fee.

We start with your choice of coffee, tea, hot coco, or chai latte to be enjoyed next to the crackling fire in the antique stove. We also have a selection of juices every morning.

Our starter course is soon to follow; chef's favorites include Breakfast Banana Splits, Dried fruit Quinoa, Orange Cranberry Scones, Tropical fruit smoothies, apple cinnamon baked oatmeal, and Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding with fresh fruit.

New Breakfast

Every morning we offer a different main entree, unique and beautifully crafted.  Our Innkeepers often wait to set the menu until the morning so that we can use the freshest ingredients available to us. Stuffed Mountain Man French Toast, Potato Quiche, Blanca's Breakfast Burritos, Veggie Omelets and Southwest Eggs-in-a-hole are just a few of our favorites. Sides including toast, sausage, and warm fruit compotes will accompany the main course as well.

We are happy to accommodate any special dietary needs such as gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegetarian, vegan and others with advance notice.